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"The Basics of the Japanese Garden Elements"

Let us go over the important terms and concept of the Japanese garden before going on the tour...


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images available

・Taki Iwagumi
(Rocks with waterfall)

Japanese page completed!
updated 08/25/1999

・Hashi Iwagumi
(Stone bridge)

70% completed.
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(Stepping Stone)

updated 11/01/1996

(Bannboo fence)

updated 11/01/1996


The garden of each era

The photograph and guide of the gardens representing each era. Click on the era of your interest.

・Index of Era


Japanese Garden Glossary

275 technical terms of Japanese garden and related fields.
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Gardens in Kyoto

Historical gardens in Kyoto. Guide and locations.
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Grand Opening!!

"Mirei Shigemori Memorial Hall"

--- story and photograph ---
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The Works of Chisao Shigemori

--- original works by the author ---
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"The tradition and the creation"
---Future of the Japanese garden---

by Chisao Shigemori (05/01/1998)


Recently Published Books
updated 07/14 /1999

The New Wave of Japanese Landscape
"The wave that Japanese Landscape is new"
-The great debate for the future-
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