Chisao shigemori

Design : 195?
Production :1957/05/??
Completion :1958/03/26

Chuo university literature department literary department graduation.

Family composition

wife, one child (He is man, at present, junior high school two years), one dog.


The appreciation of Classic Music, Jazz Music and performance. The performance instrument of Classic Music is a guitar.Jazz is a drums.

・ Tamper with the car, the motorcycle. Both a car and a motorcycle were doing the race of Classic car ・ Classic motorcycle. It isn't neglected about the car which is usually put about repair に of the most fundamental part in the car as for stopping. However, the appearance doesn't matter, and the wax has never done only these five years, and washing a car doesn't have it at least once in 2. The car is good condition in it if a complaint isn't said as it, either, and it runs.

・Outdoor camping.For the first time, about 20 years. It is surprised at the revolutionary progress of the equipment goods due to the recent out door boom and cheapness of the price. Equipment is reduced earnestly recently, and necessity is at least kept in a limit, and silent resistance is being done in RV-Car which is a main present fluid system in tool loading fully move camping.

・ The expansion of the personal computer, environment maintenance.
(It is being made whether it doesn't know what and a reason.)
others many.

At present, it is concerned with the design of the garden in the corporation Shigemori garden design laboratory chief executive officer, the writing about the Japanese garden, the lecture, the instructor activities, the Japanese whole country. It was engaged in the work garden of the Japanese garden with Holland Park of London city as a part business of Japan Festival opened around London in 1991 as a member for the work garden dispatch group of the "London Kyoto garden". It met His Royal Highness and His Imperial Highness at the time of opening ceremony. Though it was short time, it let me speak about the thing of the Japanese garden. It is even in the biggest pride to have interest that His Royal Highness, His Royal Highness, had big interest specially and had it listen for me
Our laboratory does the design of the Japanese garden and the research of the garden history for my grandfather (Mirei) and father (Kanto) and me (Chisao).In the Japanese whole country, a work garden beyond 500. All 26 rolls of Japanese garden history illustrated books (some optical companies, Written by Mirei Shigemori). All 36 rolls of Japanese garden history outlines (Syakai-Sisou Corp. Tokyo Japan、Mirei Shigemori・Kanto Shigemori is completed).A writings about the garden, the tea ceremony, and so on is published including the book of the Japanese garden history as a synthetic authority history when it isn't tried until now in many. Not only Japanese researcher's but also Japanese garden researcher's world attention is being attracted in the world of the Japanese garden history. A precious historical legacy extinguished the collapse by the disaster, the indifference, and so on very much from opportunity, the 10th year of Showa before the battle. It is a start that anxiety, a grandfather began the garden actual measurement investigation of the Japanese whole country. Then, it became possible that it recovered at once even if actual measurement investigation was done and it collapsed by leaving it in the drawing by the disaster and so on. It is the first to write the drawing of the whole garden and to set it up, too, in Japan.
Let's try to give it a typical place until now from the grandfather's generation as a work. Toufukuji Temple honbou garden, Toufukuji Temple Koumyouin garden, Daitokuji Temple Zihouin garden, Iwashimizu hachimannguu shrine garden(Mirei shigemori Works)others, Itami city museum garden, Shimane prefectural office garden, Nagano Prefecture Sato Musum Garden(Kanto Shigemori Works)others, Matsuotaisya shrine garden, Mirei Shigemori commemoration palace garden, Wkayama prefecture chohouji temple garden(Chisao Shigemori Works)others, The restoration construction of the old garden as well is being handled with the work garden of the temples and shrines beyond about 500 garden, the public facilities, the residence garden in the whole country. If there is an opportunity, everyone really wants it seen once, too.

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